August 17th, 2014

UK-based RareNoiseRecords is a unique enterprise in our times: an outlet for musicians from which one can conclude that artistic freedom coexists with indifference to genre, a place where taste and commitment to interesting sounds seem to carry the day.

This episode of the Burning Dervish Podcast features the music of several recent RareNoise releases. For full episode details, including a listing of tracks featured, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on 'podcast', and look for the episode "RareNoiseRecords".


Hopeful Melody

July 18th, 2014

18.jpgPropelling ritual and identity, rhythm is the musical staple food of Africa. What of melody?

Whether the product of voices in English, French, or a thousand tribal dialects, the breath through a horn or flute, or a plucked kora, it is melody that tells the true stories of struggle, liberation, celebration and despair so contrasting on the continent.

This episode weaves melody over, through and around rhythms from Addis Ababa to Cape Town. For full details, including a track listing, visit the podcast section of burningdervish.com.


What the Future Used to Sound Like

July 7th, 2014

All of the music in this episode was recorded before 1984, some as early as 1978, and ties many experimental strands together as it firmly establishes the foundation of the "No Wave" movement (which sprang from the art scene in downtown New York City).

The roots of this musical family tree spread all the way back to the underground music scene of mid-60s London, to bands like Soft Machine and Gong (members of which feature in the episode). In fact, perusing the lineups of those two groups in particular, one is led to artistic endeavours as diverse (and important in their own ways) as Manfred Mann, The Police, Sonic Youth, Carla Bley, jazz fusion, prog rock, ambient noise and countless others. This is music that influenced - and influences -  high and low art from the late 20st century through today. Dig deeper, starting with the artists here. Whether you move forward or back in time from them, you will be astounded by the scope of the reach and impact.

For all of the details on this episode, including the playlist, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on the 'Podcast' tab, and look for the episode, "What the Future Used to Sound Like"


David Crosby

June 30th, 2014


David Crosby is a stone cold hippy. He didn't go Hollywood, he went the other way around when he left the Byrds and their LA scene for the Bay Area. He lived on his boat in Sausalito while he took enormous quantities of drugs, hung with the Dead and the Airplane, and wrote, co-wrote, sang and played on some phenomenal music in the late sixties and early seventies...the free love, guns, dope, jail time, reunion tours, good and bad records, environmentalism, sperm donation...it all adds up to an interesting cat who still talks like an idealist. Outraged, but hopeful...

An episode devoted to this music and Cros's career seems in order. For full details on the playlist, hit up www.burningdervish.com, click on Podcast and look for the episode, "David Crosby". Enjoy.


Tend Your Garden

June 21st, 2014

Music calls and is a calling. It calls to rejoice, to resist, to praise and devotion, to think and to also contemplate.

In this episode, the call goes out and is answered by musicians from Iran, Ethiopia, Cuba and Jamaica. What are they hearing? What are they compelled to do? What are they asking of the listener?

For complete details of this episode please visit www.burningdervish.com. Look for the Podcast section and check out episode, Tend Your Garden.


El Saber es Fuerza

June 15th, 2014

Latin rhythm and melody is some of the most consistently adaptable yet resilient and recognizable music around. Diverse, too. You cannot talk about post-WWII culture or politics in the Americas without reckoning with Latin music and musicians. This is barely a start...

For a complete rundown of all tracks in this episode, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on the "Podcast" link, and look for the episode, "El Saber es Fuerza".


Fire Before Cool

June 8th, 2014

What's in a name? In this case, reality. We start with a Jamaican soul-dub scorcher from Wackie's Rhythm Force and it gets hotter from there...but we won't let you burn...this set wraps up on a cool note with Nubian oud master musician, Hamza El Din.

For a complete rundown of all tracks in this episode, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on the "Podcast" link, and look for the episode, "Fire Before Cool".


The Dervish’s Side of the Moon

May 31st, 2014

Pink Floyd's classic The Dark Side of the Moon stands up to all comers: a capella vocals groups, Rastafarians, jazz quartets, prog rockers, club kids, jam bands and even string quartets. The proof is in this episode of the Burning Dervish podcast...For more about this episode, including a list of the artists and tracks appearing, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on "Podcast" and look for the episode, "The Dervish's Side of the Moon".


Tales from the Concert Crypt

February 2nd, 2012

Welcome to Tales from the Concert Crypt, the first in another series of themed episodes that will show up here from time to time.

January 2012 was a good month for jazz shows in New York City, with more shows than I could sneak out for. Of the four I did catch, I was lucky to score recordings of each.

The sound quality might not be up to the standard you're used to here, but the performances are well worth it.

For more about this episode, including a list of the artists and tracks appearing, visit www.burningdervish.com, click on "Podcast" and look for the episode, "Tales from the Concert Crypt"

If you like what you hear, support the artists; buy their music and go see them live. Until next time, peace.


The Majesty of King Tubby

January 20th, 2012

If King Tubby did not invent dub, it hardly matters who did. With hundreds, or even thousands, of sides standing witness to his wizardry, he elevated the form to an exalted level.

Jamaican dub of the roots reggae era is the direct antecedent of modern remix culture, which spans music, the visual arts, and even high technology. For the purposes here, it is dub's immediate effect on the brain that is most impressive...

For a setlist and details about the music in this episode, visit www.burningdervish.com. Click on "Podcast" and look for the episode, "The Majesty of King Tubby".

As always, if you dig the music in this podcast, please support the artists by buying their music and where possible, going to see them live. Thanks.

Enjoy. And let me know what you think. And until next time...Peace.